• Product Touchfoamhandwashrose 360x600
    Rose & Cherry in Bloom
  • Lysol Products TOF Berry Bliss
    Wild Berry Bliss
  • Lysol Products TOF Vanilla Orchid
    Creamy Vanilla Orchid
  • Lysol Products Citrussplash
    Refreshing Citrus Splash

Lysol Touch of Foam delivers luxurious protection that is soft on skin and hard on germs.

Keep your hands feeling fresh and soft with Lysol Touch of Foam. This high-performance foaming hand soap has a dual effect, killing 99.9% of bacteria while leaving your skin soft and hydrated.



  • Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • Moisturizes as it helps protect


  • Rose & Cherry in Bloom
  • Creamy Vanilla Orchid
  • Wild Berry Bliss
  • Refreshing Citrus Splash

*When used as directed