Tips for Spreading Cheer – NOT Germs – This Holiday Season

When families gather for the holidays, they share delicious food, memorable conversations and, unfortunately, germs! The Healthy Habits Program that Lysol created with support from the National PTA and NEA helps families develop good nutrition, fitness and hygiene habits – and especially comes in handy when folks are in close quarters – like at Thanksgiving. This holiday season, whether you are a host or a guest, you can help friends and family have a healthy, happy holiday by following these simple steps:


  • Guilt-Free Meals – Whether you are cooking with your little ones or asking family members to bring dishes, encourage meals made with as many fresh, whole foods as possible. Whole foods closely resemble how plants or proteins looked when they were harvested, and offer lasting energy so you can feel great throughout the day.

Physical Education

  • The Big Game – Families often gather to watch the “big game” while the Thanksgiving meal is cooking. You can join in on the fun by hosting a football game of your own before the pros show their stuff. It will get you and your little ones up and moving on a day that is otherwise spent indoors and help you work up an appetite!


  • Healthy Helping Hands – Whether you are the chef for the day or you have little helpers, make sure that everyone has clean hands before preparing or serving meals. Focus handwashing on the key times that hands are most likely to spread germs, such as after touching raw meat, before cutting fresh vegetables or before setting the table. During each wash, use disinfecting soap and scrub in between fingers, under nails and on both sides of hands for at least 20 seconds. This will ensure that the only thing being passed during Thanksgiving dinner is delicious food!
  • First Course – Cleaning and disinfecting are a big part of any holiday meal. Whether it is making sure that counters are properly wiped down after preparing a salad or keeping your refrigerator door handle turkey-free, it’s important to use disinfecting wipes or spray on hard surfaces to ensure that you’re removing grime and killing germs. Focus on wiping frequently touched surfaces such as cabinet handles, faucets and even tables and chairs before (and after) you eat.


  • Travel – If you travel over the holidays, there a few ways to ensure that you and your family stay germ-free! When you are travelling, it’s handy to keep a product like Lysol Disinfectant Spray To-Go with you to disinfect your seat and surrounding areas. You can also pack a few Lysol Disinfecting Wipes into a plastic bag to clean and disinfect seat trays, seatbelt buckles and even door handles, which can be germ hubs for your family!

To learn more about the Lysol Healthy Habits Program and how you and your family and spread the cheer and stop the germs this holiday season, visit