Get Involved in Healthy Habits Week – Beginning September 22, 2014!

Whether you are a teacher, student or parent, it’s important to practice healthy habits year-round inside and outside of the classroom. Join Lysol, National PTA and NEA the week of September 22 to celebrate healthy habits as part of the coalition’s annual Healthy Habits Week! The coalition launched Healthy Habits Week in 2013 to help educate children about healthy habits like hand washing and sneeze/cough hygiene, and prevent the spread of germs with a goal of reducing sick days in schools. Teachers and parents can join the cause and take advantage of available resources on, including:

  • 30 Ready-to-Use Lesson Plans that are aligned with current National Educational Standards, helping educators teach students about germs, hand washing and other healthy habits.
  • The Healthy Habits Bus is an exciting "science museum on wheels" that visits dozens of schools each year, with fun, interactive exhibits that reinforce good hygiene behaviors such as proper hand washing and how to prevent the spread of germs. Games on board include the Clean Hands Germs Scan where children learn the most effective ways to clean and kill germs through hand washing, the Anatomy of the Sneeze that teaches children proper sneeze etiquette, and more!
  • A Healthy Habits Panel of Experts featuring individuals from the NEA and PTA, which is available to provide guidance on a variety of topics such as flu vaccines and child safety in the classroom.
  • Free Posters and Literature for the Classroom and Home to explain – and remind! – students about important healthy behaviors they can practice each day.
  • Parents' Activity Guide to bring healthy habits into the home and help parents get their children excited about practicing healthy habits.

In preparation for Healthy Habits Week, please visit to learn how you can participate this September and beyond. We’d love to hear about how you celebrated Healthy Habits Week in your community on!