Lysol has partnered with the National Education Association (NEA) and the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to launch the Healthy Habits Tour. This unique public health initiative makes it fun and easy for students to learn how to reduce the spread of illness. 

Hand washing, Hygiene & Public Health

Ever notice how kids seem to get sick more often when they’re just starting or returning to school? Basic hygiene techniques, such as proper hand washing, are critical to creating healthier school environments and reducing absenteeism.  

Because students can’t see or smell germs, it can be difficult for them to grasp the concept. The LYSOL® Healthy Habits Tour makes germ education fun with a bus that visits schools across the country. Students visit a series of interactive stations, where they learn how thorough hand washing and other healthy habits can keep germs at bay.

  • Clean Hands Germ Scan. Students put their hands in the scanner and see them projected on a screen, with animated “germs” wriggling all over them. A video then teaches the proper way to wash hands and get rid of germs.
  • Anatomy of the Sneeze. An animated nose on a screen sneezes, accompanied by a burst of air so students feel like they have been “sneezed on.” Students then see themselves surrounded by animated “germs” to simulate how sneezes spread germs around a small area.
  • When to Wash. This touchscreen game shows a class in progress. Students touch the kids who need to wash their hands (after sneezing, before unwrapping a snack, etc.). Correct answers get a reward; missed chances prompt videos that explain how germs spread around the class when hands aren’t washed.
  • Defeat the Germs! In this KinectTM-style augmented-reality game, students use wipes with the goal of preventing germs from getting past them.

After completing all four stations, students become Certified Healthy Habits Heroes. They get their photo taken with an avatar and a badge to take home.

Healthy Habits at Home

Parents can enter the ID number on the badge to retrieve the photo and print out a Germ Defeater certificate. They can also go online to share tips and participate in other Healthy Habits programs.