Professional football legend Jerry Rice knows that practicing healthy habits can make a big difference – it’s what enabled him to play professional football for 20 years and 303 games. Now, he’s teaming up with Lysol to coach students nationwide on the importance of healthy habits for a strong start to the school year.

From eating nutritious foods, to washing hands, to the importance of staying active, Coach Rice’s Back to School Playbook teaches kids fun and easy ways to stay healthy so they can excel in the classroom and on the field. In addition, Rice made a special visit to Scarborough High School in Houston, TX - where the football team has carried a losing record since 2009 - to show how the combination of a little professional coaching paired with a healthy foundation can turn a losing streak around.

Together, we’re hoping to not only lower the number of missed school days due to sickness nationwide, but also to provide the foundation for better grades, attention spans and success for our children in the classroom and beyond.